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     Aulac Food Vegetarian Trade Manufacture Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of vegetarian and vegan foods in Vietnam, equipped with advanced production machines and technology lines imported from Germany and other parts of Europe. With a criteria of "Natural Food for Health", we have over a thousand different products. Packed in different ways for your convenience. Frozen, dried, vacuumed, canned, spiced and so forth; for consumer's needs of nutritious and healthy products.Our products have not just been showcased and distributed in Vietnam's supermarkets and restaurants alone, but exported internationally to countries like Germany, Canada, USA and Australia. 

        With our product line, oriented on health and nutrition, our company's focus is to produce them with hygiene and safety being our priority, done with enviromentally friendly technology. This is also to expand consumer's choices for improvement upon general health. Company Au Lac vegetarian foods has made great achievements and prestigious titles in the country. The company has always striven to deserve the trust of customers, partners and foreign

, 2017 In the evening of September 30th, 2017, in the joyful and eager atmosphere at the auditorium of the Children’s House of district 12, the echoes of the song "Look at the Moon Festival" opened the program "Full Moon Festival Night".   "People watch the full moon festival The moon of the 16th day of the month (Lunar Calendar) is very round A lot of people take part in the festival Tonight is the full moon festival I go to see the full moon Look up the moon in the sky Shine my shade leaning"   The Mid-Autumn Festival came, in the happy atmosphere, Au Lac Food Vegetarian Trade & Manufacture Co., Ltd brought gifts and moon cakes to the children in district 12. In order to bring a happy Mid-Autumn Festival for the poor children, Au Lac Food Vegetarian Trade & Manufacture Co., Ltd celebrated the festival to bring our love to the children as a spiritual gift, a useful playground, a warm space. This is also one of the annual activities of Au Lac Food Vegetarian Trade & Manufacture Co., Ltd. We hope that the gifts and featured performances in the program will bring them a meaningful and joyful Mid-Autumn Festival.